Grove-to-grove 5v-to-3v3 bidirectional i2c-or-uart level shifter

Hello. My company builds a communications peripheral (cellular) that has two interfaces - i2c and uart. On our module the user can select between 1v8 and 3v3 vio levels.

I have recently discovered your Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino, which is a TRULY WONDERFUL product that we’d love to include as a part of our core developer kit. I absolutely love the design and how you don’t even need to “snap out” the modules to make it work. Fantastic job, guys.

However, this is a 5V logic board and so during prototyping I’ve had to hack my own level shifters on a breadboard. I don’t look forward to the prospect of spinning a one-off custom board just for this use. Either of these two solutions would be ideal:

  1. A tiny Grove-to-Grove board, perhaps based on the TXB0102 or PCA9306 that does nothing but grove level translation - either 1v8/3v3 on the “low” side, and 3v3/5.0 on the “high” side.

  2. A version of the Grove beginner kit, with some reasonable MOQ, that integrates a TXB0104 and allows a jumper-selectable option to convert the Lotus’s two UART and I2C grove connectors into 3V3? I know that you already have a 3v3 reference voltage on the board.


Thanks for your consideration