Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor

I tried playing with arduino and followed the exact same procedure mentioned here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ty_Sensor/”></LINK_TEXT>, but unable to see the output. It is just blank. How to troubleshoot this issue.

Hi there,

please take a picture about the hardware setup and code. thanks.

Are you using the “Pro” sensor, the one with the white sensor with the logo “AMSONG AM2302”? Be aware that this sensor has a 3.3K pull-down resistor that may be shunting the 3V3 supply on your Arduino board. I had this happen with a Stalker v3.1 I was using

Try measuring the voltage on your 3V3 supply pin while this sensor is plugged in. If you see something under 1V, that’s your problem. I note that when I used a Seeeduino v4.2 board in 3V3 operation mode, I didn’t have any issue with the Pro sensor, even with the pull-down, so there may be other reasons this problem occurs.