Grove Starter Kit with Arduino 1.0

Hello I just bought this kit about a week ago (my first kit ever!!) and just started playing around with it. So far I’ve managed to work the LED’s, make it blink, change brightness, also worked with the potentiometer, and button, and the piezzo buzzer.

Now im moving to the LCD bu I’m having problems with the LCD screen displaying. Not sure what to do since I’m a newb :frowning: .

This is my kit: … _Kit_V1.1b

I downloaded the from ( … Serial_LCD) because my kit came with the arduino.
Ive downloaded and added this to the library per instructions.
(User/arduino-1.0/libraries/)(my defaulf file)

Im pulling up the example sketch “HelloWorld” from: User/arduino-1.0/libraries/SeriaLCD/examples/HelloWorld) The sketch compiles with no errors under the IDE and uploads to the arduino micro-controller also with no errors… BUT the screen never turns on or displays anything…
I have the LCD screen connected to pin 11, and yes i restarted my IDE and reset the arduino, the Base Shield, and the LCD screen.
Not sure what to do next and I’m kind of lost, what should i do next??? Help please.

Did you change the LCD contrast? If contrast is to low you cant see anything on the LCD…

no i have not!!! Ill try it right away and let you guys know.

OK I finally obtained the correct library to use with the 1.1b kit. Now i got it working.

I have the same problem, where are the correct libraire , :unamused:


I Solve IT, the problem are arduino 1.0 , with arduino 023 work perfect.
( if you have problems with drivers with windows 7 , drivers in arduino 1.00 are the best )

I need help with how to display special characters in the LCD screen. Any help appreciated, or if you have and excerpt of code even better.
Thanks! :smiley: