GROVE starter kit impressions

I got the GROVE starter kit today! Basically, it works exactly as I expected it to, but I just have one concern. The “jigsaw” configuration. I think it’s a bad idea and should not be implemented.

Due to the jigsaw shape, the tree nodes do not have mounting holes, and the connectors are also vertical. This is a very awkward layout for parts, especially the potentiometer one. I don’t see how you can wire up these to enclosures or anythings with the big wires sticking straight out of the board where you need it to be flush.

Also, due to error in the routing of the boards, they do not even fit together properly in the jigsaw layout.

Basically, I wish the mounting holes and horizontal connectors from the Electronic Brick were kept.

thanks for your advice;in the next version, we only keep the jigsaw way in the I2C related modules like 3-axis gyro. we will concern the PCB manufacture to improve the layout parts.