Grove Speech Recognizer with Arduino Mega 2560

Hello everbody.
First I worked with the Arduino Uno and the Grove Speech Recognizer, everything fine.
Now I need the Arduino Mega for my project. I have trouble connecting the Grove Speech Recognizer.
The serial communivation doesn’t work (I have tried pins 0 and 1 which are for
serial communication and also tried pins 2 and 3). I can compile everything but the Grove Speech Recognizer doesn’t communicate with my Mega. It receives and it repeats my orders as usual
but there is no following action. Also I didn’t receive any fail Messages, I can compile everything.

Does someone know which pins to use in order with the Arduino Mega?

Thanks in advance.

I am having problem with grove speech recognizer , audio “Hicell” wakeup command does not lit red LED, I have tried many times ,with two different speech recognizer module , no success, I am using arduino uno with grove base shield.


Hello, can I have a look at your program? So that we can help you determine the problem.

here is arduino code
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>


// #define softSerial Serial1
const char *voiceBuffer[] =
“Turn on the light”,
“Turn off the light”,
“Play music”,
“Turn on the TV”,
“Turn off the TV”,
“Increase temperature”,
“Decrease temperature”,
“What’s the time”,
“Open the door”,
“Close the door”,
“Mode 1”,
“Mode 2”,

void setup()

void loop()
char cmd;

    cmd =;
    Serial.println(voiceBuffer[cmd - 1]);


Sorry, I don’t have time to test for you now that the holidays are over. I just tried it, and the accuracy of the recognition is related to the volume of the voice and the pronunciation. And you need to check if the grove base shield is tuned to 3.3V. If so, try to say “hicell” in a clear voice, and please pronounce it as one word, not split into two words.