Grove-Sound_Sensor vs Grove-Loudness_Sensor

Hi everybody.

I am planning to build a measurement station for temperature, humidity, gas (CO2, …) and noise level. The project will use a arduiono mkr 1010 board, a arduino mkr env shield and a ARDUINO-MKR-CONNECTOR-CARRIER-GROVE-COMPATIBLE to connect the SeedStudio Groove sensors.

My doubt is, which sound sensor to use. I want to measure noise, whose measurement is dB.

Should I go for the Grove - Loudness Sensor or the Grove-Sound_Sensor. I also don’t understand what the difference between the two is.

[i]- Grove - Sound Sensor can detect the sound intensity of the environment.

  • The Grove - Loudness Sensor is designed to detect the sound of environment.[/i]

    Some help?

    The true is, it has to work at 3.3V, because it is the current supported by the mkr 1010 board.


Hi harut,

The Grove Sound sensor is a simple microphone with an amplifier and it can be used to detect the sound strength of the environment, on the other hand, the Grove Sound Loudness Sensor is the same only difference is you can change the gain via screw potentiometer and Both work on 3.3V.


I assume both are quite bad to measure dB.