Grove Sound Sensor // Problem with geting the data


We have some strange issues with your Grove Sound Sensor ( After the environment set up everything seems to be working fine. After some weeks, we’ve noticed strange behaviour with sound sensor (other connected sensors are working just fine.

When the source of loud intense sound (speaker with music, etc.) is near the sensor, the change can be clearly noticed, but only for short amount of time - only first time when reading data. Then the value goes back to normal. At first we’ve checked the board and all the cables, then we’ve bought the new sensor (we thought that the older one is simply corrupted).

Do you maybe have any other thoughts or advices what else should we check. We’ve exchanged the cables, we’ve checked the source code once again, we’ve replaced the sensor.

We are using RaspberryPi (Windows 10 IoT Core) + GrovePi (sound sensor connected to the Analog0). We are quite sure that this is “hardware” related, the software part for reading the data should be OK.

Thanks for your advices

Hi there,

I use the arduino and try to simulate the issue. I do not see the abnormal. I think it may be related with software side. I attached the video and you can check. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 04-19).wmv”></LINK_TEXT>


I would like to thank you for your inspection of the problem and kind answer. We will re-check out set up :slight_smile: