Grove - Sound Recorder


I need to save and play a sound/voice for my project, so i buy a grove - sound recorder( … der_v0.92b ). After it arrived, i tested it successfully but i need the sound to be louder.

My question is: Can i plug one speaker with more power or have any way i can reproduce the sound louder?

Thanks for your help.

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Hello kid_dani!

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Please refer to the datasheet of APR9600, the maximum power is 12.2mW, speaker less than 8ohm could cause damage to IC.

But you could connect a audio amplifier between the Sounder Recorder and the Speaker. Perhaps below module may help you.


Hi qi.zhang,

First at all, thanks for your help!

Second, if i maintain the 8 ohm speaker but i increase the power (example: change one speaker 8 ohm 0.5W to one speaker 8 ohm 1W) i probably damage the IC, isn’t it?

You know another way to increase the sound using that board and do not use another power supply??


Hi kid_dani!

sorry for the late reply…
I think the actual power the recorder output will not increase with the load resistance do not change.
The reason is Vp-p of the wave from recorder is fix. (P = U * U / R)

Maybe a power amplifier is good change.