Grove Single Axis Gyro

Hi Grovers ! Just new on this forum, I just bought a Single Axis Gyro ( … nalog_Gyro ), and I was wondering what the sensitivity was, so I came to the wiki and …0.67mV/deg/sec ? Is that really 0.67mV ?

Because that’s a really really little sensitivity : I’d like to use the only first 8 bits of the ADC, to get less noise, and this give me a scale factor of 0.034304 bit/deg/sec, which is just impossible to have … I was wondering if it was ok, or if I understood something wrong ??

Thanks a lot !!


To use 8 bit ADC you should change the formula in the code as follows.

angularVelocity =((double)(sensorValue-reference_Value)*4930.0)/255.0/0.67; //get the angular velocity
0.67mv/deg/sec is the scale factor which is used to determine the angular velocity.

Please refer the datasheet in the wiki resources for more information regarding the gyro.

Thanks and Regards