Grove shield for Onion Omega2

Onion Omega2 is also a popular module, that can be benefit from the Grove ecosystem.

(I know that Omega2 is based on MTK7688 too, like the LinkIt 7688 Smart - but it’s quite popular and it has a good software support)

Hi cselti,

Thanks for your suggestion. We will evaluate it.

BTW, may I know what project you are going to make with Grove if you have such shield for Onion Omega2? Thank you!

I have some Onion2 device, but I will not plan to use in the close future - the LinkIt 7688 has an MCU too, that provides more possibility.

I just want to propose such solutions, that can useful for others.

The Grove ecosystem is fantastic, and I believe, that the an successful IoT solutions will depend more on the software (not only at “leaf” level, as whole complete system) - it’s need a flexible hardware too - especially when you don’t have enough resource for custom HW development.

So keep going guys - the Grove ecosystem is a very high quality and flexible solution :wink: