Grove Shield for Arduino


I have both an Arduino UNO and a MEGA at my disposal. I also ordered a Grove Shield v2.

So far I’ve been able to post data to my server using a wifi shield on the UNO.

I’ve also been able to get data from my grove shield to give me dust sensor data. I used this sketch (

Q1/ For this setup I connect the dust sensor to Grove shield’s D8. Is this why we use Pin 8 on the Arduino for receiving the input data?

So if I wanted to add a few more sensors, such as:

  • Temp/Humidity Sensor
  • UV Sensor
  • Air Quality Sensor
  • Gas Sensor (mq2)
  • CO2 Sensor

Q2/ Do the other ports D2-D7 (6 total) would be enough to cover those other 5 sensors. Now what would I need to do if I had to add more sensors to the board?
Screenshot 2015-05-21 08.22.46.png

Anybody in these forums?

Hi, sorry for the delay reply, just notice you topic!

Temp/Humidity Sensor need 1 digital pin.
UV Sensor need 1 analog pin
Air Quality Sensor need 1 analog pin
Gas Sensor(MQ2) need 1 analog pin
CO2 Sensor was UART, need 2 digital pin, if you use an Arduino Mega, you can connect it to Serial1~Serial3