Grove Serial Camera

I need some support for the camera

When I am trying to send initialization command to the serial camera via serial port , the response from the camera can be different.
For the first time when the camera has been just connected it returns the following text:
" VC0703 1.00 Ctrl infr exist User-defined sensor 625 Init end"
In this case everything works fine.

But for the next round of initialization and taking of the photo the response is
" VC0703 1.00 Ctrl infr exist User-defined sensor 625" without “Init end” at the end.
After that camera stops working and doesn’t react to any requests. After reconnection it works fine but again for one round only.

From my perspective it’s a hardware or firmware problem - could you please recheck how it can be handled, thank you.

Dear ro_ki2
You can refer to picture1 for the first initialization; and the next round, please refer to picture 2.
And why your second initialization occur " VC0703 1.00 Ctrl infr exist User-defined sensor 625"?Could you show us your pictures?

I will post the screenshots a little bit later.
But even in your example I see the same problem:

You have an API response " VC0703 1.00 Ctrl infr exist User-defined sensor 625 In" instead of the “Init End” at the end. Suppose, when you’ll try to make a photo after your second initialization, the camera will not respond.

The problem is solved after reconnection of the camera, but this can’t be handled as a good solution.

I am sorry I don’t really understand what’s the meaning of 2nd initialization, reset through botton on Arduino or take a second photo continuously through photo botton?

Best Regards

Hi Jacket,

ok, let’s try from the very beginning.
First of all, I have a set which includes the camera and SD shield, bought from you.
First thing which I tried to do is to take your coding from Wiki and use it with this set. It didn’t work, photoes were corrupted or even didn’t exist on the SD shield, moreover since the SD shield use the only one Serial port of the Arduino Uno and doesn’t support Arduino Mega - there are no way to debug your coding. And it seems for me that this set is useless at the moment.

But I paid a lot of money for all this staff that’s why I decided to write an own library based on the camera manual … camera.pdf

All commands are well documented there and even there is a program flow chart at chapter 5. So I wrote a library which corresponds to this flow and everything works fine for the first photo. But… In this flow chart it is not mentioned how to make the second photo. Firstly, I tried to use the command “Continue to take a picture”, but this returms absolutely the same photo with the same size as a first one. Secondly, I tried to repeat the scenario which is described in flow chart - this means I sent again the “Initialization” command and “Take Picture” command. In this case I managed to get another picture but only in case if I switch off and on the power of the camera.

If I don’t switch on and off the camera power then camera doesn’t return a full “Initialization” response in the second round( in your case " VC0703 1.00 Ctrl infr exist User-defined sensor 625 In", in my case it was even less - " VC0703 1.00 Ctrl infr exist User-defined sensor 625" ) and then it dies and doesn’t respond to any command.

I tried a lot of combinations of commands to resolve the issue but nothing works, so from my perspective it can be a camera issue or something is missing in camera manual.

Did you follow those steps which were posted on our wiki?
Please format your SD Card,and make sure that proceed these steps in order again.(you can ignore step 2)
If your question is still not solved,please let’s know.

can you help me… ???

i want to capture image with grove serial camera, but i didnt have sd card and shield of sd card…
so… i want to send image from grove camera to arduino and send it at Rx and Tx serial comunication …

are you have program / can you tell me… how to send image from serial grove to serial arduino without Sd ???
and i want send the picture in bitmap ascii string RGB 24 bit , with another resolution like 200 x 200 pixel image …

can you tell me how …???

Tq for your attention …

Hi,if you don’t have SD card shield , you can use camera on PC(follow the steps on our wiki). Your Arduino can’t store images .