Grove - Serial Bluetooth Reconnectin problem.


I plugged in my “Grove - Serial Bluetooth” to “Arduino Uno” and it works properly.
After that, i connected to the “Grove - Serial Bluetooth” via my Galaxy smart-phone and sending some data to Adruino form phone. Everything is fine.

But! Here is a question.
When i switching off my Smart-phone and turned it on again, or going to “Out of Range” bluetooth and comeback, I can’t establish bluetooth connection with “Grove - Serial Bluetooth” again. And nothing helps me!
The one way is to press “reset button” on Arduino Uno board! Pair may device again and send some data from a start.

The idea is to Not manage Arduino board by hands at all!. Only power on and sending some data there.

Can anyone help me? Please. Seems i “dig” all the Internet and didn’t find the answer.

Do you mean Arduino Uno doesn’t know if the bluetooth is disconnected then a re-connection can not be done?

If it’s the case, we check the return string from serial to find out the status.

Or use auto connect (AT command of … _Bluetooth)?