Grove Serial Bluetooth connector


I plan to buy one of the Grove serial bluetooth modules for a project and am wondering if you could tell me the part number for the mating connector that plugs into the white make connector on the board. I can’t use any of the pre-made Seeedstudio cables since I have a custom PCB that I am designing. Any help appreciated.

Jason O

Please check here for the cable:
and here for the connector:

Hello Steve,

Thank you for your reply. I have actually seen those two links already. What I need is the female connectors that you use to create the cables. I cannot use the pre-made cables that you posted in your first link because I have a custom design with a more complex wire harness that these connectors need to go with. Do you sell the connectors and crimp pins alone so I can make my own cables? Or if not, Can you tell me what the actual part number for those wire connectors are so I can locate them myself?

Thank you,
Jason O