Grove RS485 : Modbus RTU communication


We want to use a grove RS485 module on Wio Terminal to communicate with modbus RTU devices.
Is there any example in Arduino IDE that show how to use this RS485 interface.


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Can you provide an exact product name for us, we will test on this. :smiley:

Pretty much this one he’s talking about: Grove - RS485 - Seeed Studio

I have the same question though. Nothing I can find and it would be very helpful

The RS485 module actually provides detailed instructions on the arduous official website. You can find the sample code of this module and learn to use it through the following website: jogy-13216037-agha-maretha-13216095/modbus-rs-485-using-arduino-c055b5
Sorry for hindering your learning of related modules. We will add more conspicuous learning guidelines in subsequent Wiki versions. Please stay tuned.