Grove - RGB LED Stick (20-WS2813 Mini) DXF or DWG file


I wish to built a piece that will mount the Grove - RGB LED Stick (20-WS2813 Mini) . Is it possible to get a DXF or DWG file that shows all dimension, holes and grove connector?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @alirazi. The .DXF not officially available, but since the Eagle file is available in the Wiki Page , you can export the board file to .DXF.

I just exported .DXF for you and attaching with this post, please check and let me know.


Thanks. Can you please send a link for RGB LED Stick (20-WS2813 Mini and not the ring version.

You mean the link for purchasing WS2813 Mini LED’s?

A link for a DXF file so I can see the dimensions of Grove - RGB LED Stick (20-WS2813 Mini)

Here is the .DXF File link