Grove port on the right and serial communication


I’m trying to use the grove port on the right to communicate with grove devices via serial connection (for example a GPS grove module).

I set up a new serial port, using the same approach shown here for the grove port on the left:

From Wio-Terminal schematics, I see that grove port is using pins D0 and D1 and the datasheet reports that they belong to SERCOM4.

My code to setup the new serial port is therefore:

static Uart Serial3(&sercom4, D1, D0, SERCOM_RX_PAD_1, UART_TX_PAD_0);

But I noticed a strange behavior, that could be explained from what I learned from the datasheet.

  • D0 is PB08/SERCOM4.0
  • D1 is PB09/SERCOM4.1
  • you can only use PINs on PAD0 for TX → only D0

The standard Grove pinout for SERIAL is:


But with the current hardware, it is not possible to implement this layout, the only way I found is to swap the two pins in the grove connector.

Could you confirm?

Hello, this is the case. Wio Terminal is also a member of Arduino. In the design of Arduino, D0 and D1 are USB serial ports. The configuration has been determined at the beginning. This sequence cannot be changed. If you want to try using the soft serial port, you can try using the IIC interface on the left.

Thanks for your answer

you could consider - in a future hardware review - to swap the pins in the grove connector (D1 <-> D0) to align to the standard. What do you think about it?

Thank you for your suggestion, we will seriously consider and feedback to the R&D department, let them weigh this matter