Grove PIR Motion Sensor - how to limited range to 1 meter


I have bought a “Grove - PIR Motion Sensor”. I have got problem to change a sensor range. I want to detect object to maximum 1 meter. Over this value objects should be ignored.

I removed resistor R4 and I solder potentiometr 2MOhm. The foto resistor is not connected.

How to calibrate the sensor? What value should be of R4 resistor for fixed range 1 meter?

Thanks for help!

Hi there,

I tried it and succeeded.and I follow the process below:

1.Remove the R13 from the PCB board;

2.Add a potentiometer to the corresponding position on the PCB board(As shown below)

3.Adjustment potentiometer

Initially estimated for a fixed range of 1 m, the R13 resistance should be 0.188MΩ