Grove PIR 1.2 Potentiometer

Hi, I just purchased a Grove PIR 1.2, which doesn’t have the potentiometers already soldered in. Can anyone tell me what potentiometers (size and resistance, a part number would be great) are recommended for the two potentiometer solder points? Also, does anyone know the resistance specifications? The documentation isn’t obvious and I’m having trouble interpreting the Eagle file.


The Potentiometer isn’t included in the Sensor now.Sorry for not correcting the information in time.


I am having the same problem.
The grove pir sensor is useless without decent modification. It is too sensitive and giving a high out put all the time…
Can you give some detailed feedback on how this sensor can be modified (which potentiometers? how to install?), or can I buy another PIR sensor that will work with the TI Launchpad (with a Grove boosterpack)?

Best regards