Grove pH sensor + Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi

Hi All,

Has anyone figured out how to make the Grove pH probe work with a Raspberry Pi Grove Hat?
SeeedStudio Wiki doesn’t have anything for RasPi, so I tried to use this code from github, but it didn’t work for me.
Please let me know if you have a working code.
Thank you!

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Hi @elenfoxx
I’d like to write a simple python code for use with RasPi this week and update it to our PH wiki page.
Please wait patiently.

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@jiachenglu that would be great! Thank you so much!

Hi @jiachenglu

I checked the wiki page, but it still says “To Do” for Raspberry Pi. Is there some other page for the pH probe that I can check for the code?

Thank you!

I’m in the same boat. @elenfoxx I’ve been experimenting but i can’t seem to get it to read the sensor. I was getting a few errors initially but I got those resolved. Hopeuflly @jiachenglu will be able to give us some help here. The only reason why I went with Seeed Grove was because they had a pH sensor.

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share. I put together a quick example on how you can access the Grove - PH Sensor Kit (E-201C-Blue ) on your raspberry pi using python.

You can checkout my example on my github page here:

And just in case anyone is using nodeJS I have one here as well.

hey I was trying your nodeJS snippet but I’ve run into some issues.

When I run snippet it returns false for sensorValue and after stopping it I no longer detect any i2c devices with sudo i2cdetect -y 1 I can see them only after restart of rpi

I’ve actually given up on this crap sensor and grove shit period.

Do your self a favor and checkout