Grove - ORP Sensor Kit (501Z) easier way to calibrate?

Hi there. I am trying to make a chemical pump unit for my swimming pool. I bought both the grove orp and ph probes. Is there an easier way to calibrate the orp? I do not have any of the materials or equipment to make up the solution. The accuracy of the chlorine is not real important. Any ideas or tips would be appreciated.

I have found a couple of orp calibration solutions on amazon. They have different mv values (225mv 256 mv) ect. Is it possible to purchase and use one of these solutions to calibrate. If I get a 225mv. solution is that what the reading should be when use it?

Hi @ghostrydr23
There is not have an easier way to calibrate the orp sensor. Yes, you can purchase the calibration solution no matter it is 225mv or 256mv, both are ok. If you get a 225mv, then the reading should be 225 either