Grove - OLED Display 128*64


I purchased the following module:

According to the wiki page, this is a SSD1308 module*64

I tried the sample code as described here:
The result was nothing to be seen on the display.

I spent a lot of time to get it to work, but without any results…
Not knowing what to do, I stumbled upon the glitchwrks website

Their test program worked with the module, intermittently.
ie most of the times it would work, but some of the times it wouldn’t.
I am wondering two things:

  1. Why it is working some times and some times not ?

  2. This one makes me even more confused:
    that device is a SSD1306, which points to adafruit
    I tried the sample code on github by adafruit

which resulted in the display showing more or less correctly

I am even more confused whether this display is SSD1306 based or
SSD1308 based. I was under the assumption that it is SSD1308 based,
but then how come the SSD1308 demo code is not running on it,
but while the SSD1306 demo code is running ?

Also, why is the SSD1306 demod code not working all the time ?

Any idea ?


Hi,at first,i am appreciate that you could post your question and let’s know that.And if you use Arduino 0023,it may not have this question.But something seem wrong with Arduino 1.0,we are checking this problem now,and we will fine down it,

Thanks for your attention.


I have been trying to port the code to a PIC18F4550. Since that
didn’t work as expected, the next move was to try to get it
working with the sample code at least.

I am using the Arduino 1.0.2 IDE

To compile the demo, I had to change Wire.send() to Wire.write()
for it to be compiled, as Wire.send() was deprecated after 1.0.

But that didn’t help either.

But a switch to SSD1306 demo code from adafruit showed the
display inconsistently, ie once in a while the display would output
details, other times not.

Using a Bus pirate with I2C commands send thus … D-Display/
also seems to work.

So, is this a SSD1306 or a 1308 module ?
If it is a SSD1306 module, why is it working only intermittently,
as I stated in my first post ?