Grove OLED Display 1.12, error compiling the example sketch

I’m working on an Arduino YUN trying to make the Grove OLED display 1.12 working.
The display works fine with the Seeed library “OLED_Display_128X64”, exept the Bitmap examples taken from the official library.
When the IDE tries to compile the sketch “OLED_bitmap_inverse_display”, that error appears:

In file included from /Applications/, from /Applications/, from /Applications/, from /Applications/, from OLED_Bitmap_Inverse_Display.ino:1: OLED_Bitmap_Inverse_Display.ino:5:34: error: variable 'SeeedLogo' must be const in order to be put into read-only section by means of '__attribute__((progmem))'

I’ve tried with arduino IDE 1.5.7 (needed fror the Yun board) and 1.0.5.
Please, someone can help me to fix the problem?
Thank you,


…I’ve noticed that it works fine with Arduino IDE 1.5.6


I did a fresh install of Arduino 1.5.8 and Java8 today. Found this error too with OLED Display 0.96’’. Here you can fix it with, add const text. It’s cause PROGMEM must be const now.

Any OLED_Bitmap sketch file.

const static unsigned char SeeedLogo[] PROGMEM = 

SeeedGrayOLED.h, line 88

void drawBitmap(const unsigned char *bitmaparray,int bytes);

SeeedGrayOLED.cpp, line 335

void SeeedGrayOLED::drawBitmap(const unsigned char *bitmaparray,int bytes)

Hope this will help. It can be a very bad fix and cause other errors. But at least you can run sample bitmap sketch.

Thanks for the suggestion! :smiley:
I changed these files: SeeedOLED.h and SeeedOLED.cpp and the line number are 94 and 349. :nerd: