grove oled 96x96 is giving no response whatsoever

I just received a grove oled 96x96 display. I’ve looked over the wiki and downloaded the library. The connector is too small for the parts that I have on hand so I soldered a 4 wire ribbon cable just below the connector, with no problem. I’ve hooked up the display to an arduino uno and I begun testing with 3.3vdc and then moved on to 5vdc. Nothing… I thought maybe I had to start sending information perhaps to get some sort of response. So I’ve tried several of the examples from the Seeed Gray OLED library, Hello world for example. Still, nothing!! Am I missing something? do I need pull up resistors on the I2C lines? Should it at least show any slight indication that it is receiving power? On my power supply, at 3.3vdc it says it’s pulling about .008 amps. that seems pretty low. am I the first one to have this problem with said product?

see below for solution

Okay, so I went ahead and put 4.7k resistors on the i2c lines. My own fault for not following my intuition. Though it’s a common law with i2c to put pull-up resistors (4.7k is standard apparently), this should be added in the wiki for the i2c beginners out there. besides that, thanks seeed! great product! :smiley: