Grove oled 96x96 1.12 v2.2 display not working as expected

I bought some time ago an Grove OLED 1,12" display what is not what is is claimed in the box.
It seems to be a version with SH1107G driver. On the back of the pcb is printed v2.2.
Got it partially working using SeeedGrayOLED but the configuration seems not to be as should.
It displays 16 rows of 14 digits in normal vertical mode.
If you try to display 16 characters the last 2 characters appea left from the first (actually the 16ths character only blinks occassionally).

So it looks like it is 16x16 character display in normal vertical mode, but you can use only 14 characters in practice?

I believe that with correct driver library this would work, but what could be done to tweak the library in this case?

Anyone any idea?

Grove-OLED Display 1.12" V1.0 has been EOL, and all the units sold so far are Grove-OLED Display 1.12" V2.
You may refer to this Wiki, where the U8g2 library supports monochrome OLED and LCD, including the current chip SH1107G