Grove NFC - Peer to Peer using UART

Dear support team,

I have successfully used your Grove NFC ver 1.1 to read and write to tags. However I couldn’t find anything for using it for P2P. When I try to use the write function used for writing to tags but passing the message size it says that the function does not exist.

Is there any documentation available?

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Hi there~

Please check below link and see if it works. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … er-to-peer”></LINK_TEXT>

Thank you.

I tried using the libraries and the examples to do a P2P communication but it seems like all examples require the following libraries:

#include “SPI.h”

#include “PN532_SPI.h”

#include “llcp.h”

#include “snep.h”

PN532_SPI pn532spi(SPI, 10);

SNEP nfc(pn532spi);

However the NFC is connected using UART and there is no P2P example using UART or HSU.

Can you please provide an example Peer to Peer using PN532_HSU library?

Also in the examples it does mention that:

P2P requires SPI and has only been tested with the Seeed Studio shield. Peer to Peer was tested between Arduino and Android or BlackBerry

Thank you

Dear Support team,

Is there any way to get Peer to Peer Communication to work using HSU and UART with the PN532_HSU library?

Thank you!

Dear Support Team,

This question is still unanswered. I believe your product description for the ‘Grove NFC’ contains an error, because it specifically mentions ‘Support P2P communication.’, while it only offers either UART or I2C communication and for P2P, communication via SPI is needed.

Could you please clarify? I bought the ‘Grove NFC’ specifically for P2P communication, now that I find out it can’t do that, I feel a bit cheated :frowning:

Hoping for your quick response,


Hi, terribly sorry about that. But I think it really can’t support P2P communication.

Hi Citric,

Well, I’ll cut my losses and buy another module then (hopefully can find some other use for this one in the future). Can you recommend one that has guaranteed P2P support?

BTW, you really should do something to prevent others from running into the same trouble. The mention of P2P support should be removed from both the product page and the Wiki. Even the little information sheet that is packaged with the module (no idea why that’s printed on a sticker?) mentions “One can read and write a 13.56MHz tag with this module or implement point to point data exchange with two NFCs.” And closer to the bottom “Supports P2P communication”. (The sticker content is apparently based on the Wiki, because the last line reads “”)

Incorrect product information not only wastes people’s money, but they also lose a lot of time trying to find out what they -supposedly- are doing wrong if it doesn’t turn out to work. Especially if the documentation is so adamantly and repeatedly stating the opposite of what they seem to have to conclude.

Hi, thanks for your advices and the misleading information will be changed in a minute. I’m sorry I don’t know where you can find a P2P support NFC.
Again I’m sorry for your time wasted trouble. It really shouldn’t be like this.