Grove NFC and BeagleBone Green

I am trying to use the Grove NFC with the BeagleBone Green via the UART interface.

I am using the beaglebone green with Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy), the OS with which it was delivered.

I have downloaded and compiled libnfc from the github libnfc repository.

which supports the PN532 via UART

I tried to do a nfc-list, but could not find the device, even not when trying to set up the device in


device.connstring = “pn532_uart:/dev/ttyO2”

I can find other devices via USB (ie the SLC3711 or the ACRU122), but the UART interface via Grove does not seem to work.

So questions:
-Does the grove NFC work with the BeagleBone Green?
-To which device (/dev/tty???) do I have to connect?
-Which software can I use with the BeagleBoneGreen and the Grove NFC?


I tried

LIBNFC_LOG_LEVEL=3 nfc-list -v

and discovered the libnfc.conf file should be in /usr/local/etc/nfc/libnfc.conf

Settings now in /usr/local/etc/nfc/libnfc.conf:
allow_autoscan = true
allow_intrusive_scan = false
log_level = 1 = “Grove PN532 NFC”
device.connstring = “pn532_uart:/dev/ttyO2”

Most of it seems to work now:

root@beaglebone-grove:~# nfc-scan-device
nfc-scan-device uses libnfc libnfc-1.7.1-52-g48c271e
2 NFC device(s) found:

  • pn532_uart:/dev/ttyO2:
  • / CCID USB Reader:

However, there are differences in the NFC-cards that can be scanned. All of the cards I test with work on the acr122_usb or the SCL3711, but only a few of them work on the grove NFC:

With a card on the ACR
NFC device: pn532_uart:/dev/ttyO2 opened
NFC device: / CCID USB Reader opened
1 ISO14443A passive target(s) found:
ISO/IEC 14443A (106 kbps) target:
ATQA (SENS_RES): 00 04
UID (NFCID3): 08 e4 87 a7
ATS: 78 77 90 02 80 31 e0 6b 04 31 05 02 77 55 55 55 55 55 55

same card on the Grove NFC:
oot@beaglebone-grove:~# nfc-list
nfc-list uses libnfc libnfc-1.7.1-52-g48c271e
NFC device: pn532_uart:/dev/ttyO2 opened
NFC device: / CCID USB Reader opened