Grove Mega shield ISP socket not aligned with Mega 2560 pins

I tried to inform Seeed about the Grove Mega shield ISP socket being offset by one pin when attached to a Mega 2560 through tech support, but I don’t think the responder understood enough English to actually get what I was saying. I love the Grove shields and devices, but the Grove Mega Shields ISP socket which carries ground and other signals does not align with a factory Arduino Mega 2560 ISP pins. I had to remove the socket from my Mega Grove Shields to avoid causing damage to my Mega 2560’s. Socket removal is difficult and minor board rework was needed to ensure signals which passes through the holes. The boards work fine with the ISP socket removed. Please just check this, I am not trying to be a pain and other less observant customers might damage their Mega 2560’s by just assuming that the socket being off by one pin is okay, it is not. Otherwise Fantastic product. :laughing: