Grove MCP9600 Data Output

I have the MCP9600 configured and outputting data but much of the data is 16.0625 degrees. That would indicate there is nothing coming from the sensor. Have there been any solutions to this issue yet?

Hi. I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve it?

It looks like the following process works:

  1. Clear register 0x04 - especially bits 6 & 7, the burst complete and Th Update bits.
  2. In a while loop read the temperature until the status register (0x04) reads higher than 0x40. This means the Th has updated, and/or the burst is complete.
  3. Then read the temperatures. I included a test that ignores any temp reading of 16.0625 to be sure they are not logged. This does create a gap between 16.000 and 16.125, but K-type thermocouples (which I am using) are only 1.5C accurate or less, thus I am not too concerned about missing that reading.

I did set the MCP9600 with the following registers:

  • Register 0x05 with 0x00 (K-Type with no filter set)
  • Register 0x06 with 0x1E (0.0625C resolution/18-bit/128 samples burst/burst mode)

What was the final test result? Is that right?