Grove -LoRa-e5 (STM32WlLE5JC) (Part 113020091) NOT RECEIVING

grove -LoRa-e5 (STM32WlLE5JC

Straight out of packing
Simple connection: RS232 between two computers.
Can interrogate using AT commands without problems
Transmit and Receive LED flash indicating direction
When attempt to send simple text TX Led flashes but there is no corresponding RX on the other Grove.

Have tried all the examples put out by SEEED and others but to no avail

The documentation does not indicate that any other tweaking is needed so it fair to assume that these should work straight “out of the box”

Have spent days trawling the forums with no indication of a solution and SEEEDS only line of assistance is “search the forums”.

Hello, I need more detailed information from you to help you troubleshoot errors. At the same time, I will also apply for a module to test with you. Can you upload your wiring diagram? And how does the code you run the test look like? What about the steps and processes? Thank you for your cooperation.

Sure initially I used Duinotech ESP-32 using bare bones example send and receive

First Example code was

#include “HardwareSerial.h”

#define RXD2 16
#define TXD2 17
void setup(){
Serial2.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1, RXD2, TXD2);
void loop() {
Serial2.println(“Hello Serial 2”);
int len = Serial2.available();
if (len > 0){
char sbuf[len+1];
sbuf[len] = ‘\0’;
Serial2.readBytes ( sbuf, len);

Serial2.print("You typed :");
Serial.print("You typed :");
String s = String(sbuf);

else {
Serial.printf(“Serial2 not available”);

Compiled and ran OK but received no input

Toyed around with other example: Same thing

So when all else fails go back and KEEP it simple.

I used 2 computers wih USB-> Serical connection used YAT terminal as the interface. To ensure that the circuit was valid I communicated with the LoRa e5 with AT commands. Went through the basic ATs line AT+MODE=TEST etc and the board always responded BUT if I stopped AT communication and sent some text 'Test fred nurd" there was no comms between redios

The circuit is:

Simply USB to RS232 cable to Rs232 to TTL to LoRa -E5 with a 3.3v power module supplying both RS232 converter and LoRA radio, This all functioned fine at both ends.

OOPs my diagram on the left has too RS232 devices

Okay, I understand, the connection and use of things are still quite rich, I will test for you as soon as possible

I have completed the test and checked the code and hardware. There is no problem. Maybe you should check it step by step, use the development board with LoRa to see if you can send and receive data, and then gradually add more functions.

Hi Citric,

Can you help me too :pray: Is it possible if I want to connect Grove LoRa E5 with Arduino Uno + Grove shield like this?

So, the first thing is to compare ‘apples for apples’. Did you use the same wiring configuration as outlined in the diagram. If not then the problem hasnt been resolved.

The diagram is as simple as it can get, one end sends data the other end receives it.

By the information supplied indicates that simply transmitting ‘ABC’ should be received on the receiver. It does not indicate that any other ‘tweaking’ is necessary…

The other problem maybe that I received three ESP-32 that are faulty.

Yes it can be like this

Hello, I only checked the official routines, because I have no channels to apply for so many materials from you for testing. Regarding secondary development issues, you may still need to try to eliminate the problems step by step, sorry.

Alright then for the code, it is applicable if I use it from the wiki seed studio?

I have tried to upload the code but got errors.

Oh, this is the configuration code of XIAO. Of course, we can’t use it directly, because on the one hand, the XIAO pins are not consistent with Arduino.

Oh I see. Do you know where can I get sample code that is compatible with the Arduino board?

So sorry I’m just a beginner here :pray:

I checked, this Grove module did not make an Arduino example, maybe I can give feedback and see if the engineering department has time to write one.

Nice, that was great! Hope you can update me back later once you get the answer.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Of course, this may take a long time, maybe you can learn more about the principle of the code yourself, try to write it yourself, maybe it will be more helpful to your study.

Alright, will do it. Thanks for the advice :raised_hands: