Grove LoRa-E5 module uart communication for raspberry pi and arduino

I am developing a project between raspberry pi computer module and arduino mega. I want to use the radio receiver(raspberrypi ) and transmitter (arduino ) features of Grove lora E5. (I want to send the data of the Accelerometer sensor) According to the datasheet, I was able to do this with AT commands with Termite and arduino serial port screen using USB to TTL Converter. But I couldn’t do it in code. Many thank for your time.
I have been tried different variations of the code below with arduino and python.
void setup() {

void loop() {

If your program doesn’t see any answer from E5 are you sure you are at proper speed/parity/stop for the serial port ? Also have you tried crossing TX/RX in wiring ?
Are you sure also your code is well sending the CR or LF or both to validate commands ? I don’t have feeling seeing your code but not familiar with Arduino one…

I think the Tx and RX are on correct pins.
I don’t know exactly how to edit CR or LF maybe this is the problem.
When I uploaded the code, there were flashing in the leds of both E5. but the data is not transmitted. I just connected the transmitter to the arduino and tried to control the receiver on the termite. The LEDs of the transmitter seemed to be working, but the message was not transmitted again.
when I use usb to ttl converter in both, data is transmitted.
Data is not transmitted;

Data is transmitted with Usb-ttl converter;