Grove Infrared Emitter

I purchased a Grove IR emitter to use with my Seeeduino ADK Main Board. I have been able to get every twig to work but this one. I thought maybe there was an issue with the emitter, so I ordered a second one, and couldn’t get it to work either.

I have downloaded the IRremote library and I have connected the emitter to pin 3 of my Grove shield. I have tried several of the IRremote example files that use the emitter, and checked to see if the LED was illuminated by turning on the camera of my smartphone and pointing it at the emitter. I can see the light from all of my household IR remotes, but not from either Grove emitter module. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I even tested with a Grove IR receiver, which recognizes signals from other remotes, but not the emitters.

Be shure you have connected the emitter on port 2 (not port 3!) at your Grove Base Shield.
Check the connector on your emitter, TX goes to the white cable!

The receiver also have a twisted connector…