Grove Infrared Emitter doest work on Seeeduino Cloud

I run the example code IRSendRev (send) ( on both Seeeduino Cloud and Seeeduino boards, each boards is attached by Base Shield V2 and the Grove IR-Emitter is set on D3.

The Seeeduino is running fine and IR signal emitted perfectly, but the Seeeduino Cloud has no IR signal out at all. Does it mean the Grove IR Emitter only works on Seeeduino, but not Seeeduino cloud?

I am trying to build a simple home remote control with WIFI communication, that is why i want to IR emitter works with the Seeeduino Cloud.

Anyone can help? Thx brothers…

Hi there~

Take it easy, you can use Seeeduino Yun to work with Grove-Infrared Emitter. For the Seeeduino Yun, just do not use the base shield,and use the jumper to connect the sensor directly as the picture below shown. For the Grove-Infrared Receiver part, nothing change,just as the wiki do.

Yellow – D13;

Black – Gnd;

Red – 5V;

Ok, now you may want to know why.

That is beacause the Seeeduino Yun use Atmega 32U4 as the MCU, which has the different pin map with Seeeduino v4.2(Atmega-328P).

And you can find the pin definition at the library of IRSendRev, just open the IRSendRevInt.h file. You wil find the code below.

[code]// Arduino Mega
#if defined(AVR_ATmega1280) || defined(AVR_ATmega2560)
//#define IR_USE_TIMER1 // tx = pin 11
#define IR_USE_TIMER2 // tx = pin 9
//#define IR_USE_TIMER3 // tx = pin 5
//#define IR_USE_TIMER4 // tx = pin 6
//#define IR_USE_TIMER5 // tx = pin 46

// Teensy 1.0
#elif defined(AVR_AT90USB162)
#define IR_USE_TIMER1 // tx = pin 17

// Teensy 2.0
#elif defined(AVR_ATmega32U4)
//#define IR_USE_TIMER1 // tx = pin 14
//#define IR_USE_TIMER3 // tx = pin 9
#define IR_USE_TIMER4_HS // tx = pin 10 /* pin 13 on leonardo board */

As you can see, for the leonardo, the demo uses pin 13. And the Seeeduino Yun is compatible with leonardo, they have the same pin map.

Ok, if this help, please let me know.

Have fun with Seeeduino Yun.:lol:

Best Regards


Jelly, you really save my day… BIG THANK YOU

I followed your method without the base shield, it works perfectly.

However, I tried your method with base shield, it still works perfectly… If I use it like this with base shield, is everything fine? safe without blow it up?

Because I really want to add some more sensors to it for an interesting iot project.

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Thx again.

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