Grove-I2C_Motor_Driver_V1.3 is not working the Wio Terminal


I have a question. I tested the Grove-I2C_Motor_Driver_V1.3 with the Seeedino Lotus and the Wio Terminal. Both with the same “Example sketch for Grove - I2C Motor Driver v1.3”.

#include "Grove_I2C_Motor_Driver.h"

// default I2C address is 0x0f
#define I2C_ADDRESS 0x0f

void setup() {

void loop() {
    // Set speed of MOTOR1, Clockwise, speed: -100~100
    Motor.speed(MOTOR1, 150);
    // Set speed of MOTOR2, Anticlockwise
    Motor.speed(MOTOR2, -170);

The Grove-I2C_Motor_Driver_V1.3 is working with the Seeedino Lotus but is not working the Wio Terminal.


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maybe first run this I2C scanner sketch to see if your motor driver module is seen and answers on the adres in your code.

I run the I2C scanner sketch but the Motor_Driver was not found.

When I plug in a second I2C device (via Wio Terminal Battery) the Motor_Driver is working.
Both devices were found and I can adress the Motor_Driver.

I don’t have that device but when I look at the wiki I see that the I2C bus voltage is 5V while the I2C voltage on the WIO terminal is 3V, could that be the reason ? maybe a levelshifter in between ?