Grove I2C Motor Driver: stepper sample code, version number


I have bought the Grove I2C Motor Driver for controlling a stepper motor. The wiki only has sample code for DC motors. Is there code for a stepper?

Also, I received a board with v1.0 printed on the back (from Exp-tech in Germany). Is it outdated? If so, what are the differences with the current version?
Any problems to be expected in combination with an Arduino Uno and several other devices on the I2C bus?

Best, Dieter

Hi,we have no correspoding demo for stepper now,we’ll fine it down later.

The latest version is v1.2.The v1.2 bring a stepper port and switch with it,but the function between them is the same.

Our base shield v1.3 is coming, it brings many I2C ports, UART ports with it,and you can use more devices via Base shield.