Grove High temperature sensor values, can you help

Grove High temperature sensor values, can you help
I need to be able to extract resistance a, room temp and the temp read by the sensor. I dont know what the functions are or what they do.

I want to know what these do and have access to them so that I can use them in my program, but they are function.

I bought my staff through Arduino.

Hi there,

1. The blue dot on the board reads the room temperature, which is used for the high temperature sensor calibration.

2. We read voltage of thmc from analog port.

3. We covert the voltage to temperature.

4. Add the room temperature as offset and calculate the high temperature.


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Hi Bill and team,

Thank you fo ryour response, I will look into the information and get back to you once I have tried the info.

The question that I ahve at the moment is. What does the the temperature sensor read then since the thermisoe(blue dot) measures room temp.
I basicall need something that will measure the temperature inside a car and I can data log that using Arduino. Can you help with this?


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HI Bill,

Thank you for taking time to respond to my request and for uploading the links that you made.
I however am having the problems in uploading them in the Arduino. Please find the attached screen shot.

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Hi there,

What i provided previously is the library, NOT the example code.

You can use this example.

For how to use, please refer to


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Hi Bill,

Thank you. I do understand. What I was hopping to get is the Room temperature so that I can do this to the code.

Serial.print(roomTemp); This way I can do conditional statements to say
If roomTemp is == ***

Then_ _

So in other words it is not possible to extract this from the programs. But hte room temperature can be seen from the start of the program, but it is a fucntion, so once can not do the
Serial.print(roomTemp); …

On another note, please hele with the libraries listed in the attached document. I need to buy you other sensor that works with that program.

Mthulisi Mlilo

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1. For the High temperature sensor, it uses to measure high temperature up to 600 degree C. If you want to use to measure the temperature inside card, you can use normal temperature sensor.

You can connect the sensor to A0 port of base shield, which includes a0 and a1 pins. If you do not have base shield, you can follow below connection.
Seeeduino Grove-High Temperature Sensor
GND Black
5V Red
A1 White
A0 Yellow

#include "High_Temp.h"

HighTemp ht(A1, A0);

void setup()
Serial.println("grove - hight temperature sensor test demo");

void loop()
Serial.println(ht.getThmc()); //high temp
Serial.println(ht.getRoomTmp()); //room temp

2. For the grove temp sensor, thanks for the inputs, I will update the wiki.


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I connected the sensor to my Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense
Arduino Bootloader (SAM-BA extended) 2.0 [Arduino:IKXYZ]

I just followed the steps op the wiki, and on Serial.println(ht.getThmc()); the serial monitor gives a constant value of -519.13, mo matter how I heat up the thermocoulple tip. Is this value explainable?

And on Serial.println(ht.getRoomTmp()); I get a very jumpy stream like:
resistance = inf -273.15 a = 0 resistance = inf -273.15 a = 12 resistance = 842500.00 -49.41 a = 59 resistance = 163389.83 -26.65 a = 153 resistance = 56862.75 -9.39

Is it possible that the library is somehow incompatible with this very new Arduino model?

I don’t think it’s a compatibility issue.In general, the hardware connection is wrong, or not set up the correct interface.

Hi Boazhou, thanks for the reply!

Do you know how I best diagnose where the problem lies?

I think I have the pins connected properly:

  • When i take out the yellow I get fluctuating values on the serial monitor.
  • When I take out the white nothing changes ( constant value of -294.58 )

p.s. I must be doing something wrong generally, because the DHT11 sensor that I connected says "Failed to get temprature and humidity value." How to proceed the troubleshooting? How likely is a lack of power / current ?

I think I’m on to the source of the problem … The Arduino NANO 33 BLE Sense runs at 3.3V so there is no power on the 5V pin by default. SEE:


yes, 1st readings:

… now onto the calibration (?), because my room temperature is NOT 124 degrees Celsius :wink:

Or is it possible that the 3.3V is not enough for reliable outputs?

I suggest you test it with 5V power.