Grove - High Temperature Sensor - Temperature too low

I’ve just purchased a Grove High Temperature Sensor. and it returns an inaccurate temperature: the temperature is about 5C too low. The readings aren’t random - they rise and fall correctly, but are consistently off the incorrect value.

I’m using the sample Arduino code from the Wiki.

Is anyone else seeing this behaviour? Any ideas what might be causing it?

Hi there,

Thermocouple temperature measurement accuracy is 2.0% (+ 2 ℃). it may be some Variance. if you see some gaps here, you can do some offset in the code. thanks.

Thanks for your reply

The measurements are made at 20°c and an accuracy of +/- 2% reduces a maximum difference of +/- 0.4°c. A difference of 5°c shows that there is a problem in the measurement. For my part, I prefer to understand the origin of the problem and correct it rather than hide it using an offset in the code.