Grove : Gyroscope + Accelerometer


I bought a Grove 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer ( … p-750.html, though behind it says v1.2b) and I can’t make them to work together. If one is connected to the I2C then it’s working fine, I can read the data but if both are connected impossible to get anything, the entire sketch doesn’t work, I can’t even run any sketch, I need to disconnect and reboot the board. My setup is pretty conventional : Galileo Gen1, Grove Shield.

My understanding by … ed_Product is that their address are different so I’m wondering what’s wrong with what I do. Note that If I connect say the RGB LCD and say the Gyroscope or the Accelerometer it works (all 3 also doesn’t work).

Any idea?

I honestly would not call using the Galileo as “conventional.” Don’t get me wrong, I have a couple of them myself. However, I intend to use them directly with their Linux system instead of the Arduino emulator/interpreter.

Try reading this thread on Intel’s site: