Grove - Green LED SKU: COM04053P

Hi, I’ve been looking for the schematic and files for this in the wiki.

There are a couple issues. When I search the wiki I get this page

Grove - LED Socket Kit

It shows the picture of the plain led grove with no pot to adjust the brightness but the text talks about the pot to adjust the brightness. A couple pictures down or maybe it was a video shows the one with the pot.

The model number it references on the page Model: COM22341P is for the one without the pot which has been discontinued.

Lastly, the files for the schematic and eagle files are for the discontinued led board. The one that say LED Socket also has the old files in it. As for the code file I’m not sure on that.

Just wanted to let someone know. I hope it can get fixed so I can get the new schematics.



Thanks for your observation we will definitely update the wiki ASAP.

Hi Jeffery,

Sorry for the delayed reply
Please find the new schematics
Grove-LED Socket Kit v1.2_SCH.pdf (7.33 KB)