Grove GPS v1.1 - no connections to satellites

Hello everybody

Recently I bought a Grove GPS module…
My problem is it won’t connect to any satellites and the NMEA phrases are empty.
I use the code found on seeedstudio’s wiki page and u-center 7.02.

This is what I usually get back:

05:27:17 $GPRMC,052717.00,V,050814,N73
05:27:17 $GPVTG,N
05:27:17 $GPGGA,052717.00,0,00,99.99,60
05:27:17 $GPGSA,A,1,99.99,99.99,99.99
05:27:17 $GPGSV,1,1,02,05,21,30,237F
05:27:17 $GPGLL,052717.00
05:27:18 $GPRMC,052718.00,V,050814,N
05:27:18 $GPVTG,N*30

Sometimes I get the correct Longitude and Latitude for my position, everything else seems to be incorrect (GPStime, altitude, etc)

I am new to Global Positioning systems and very confused.
Am I doing something wrong?
Do I have to setup the module first?

can anybody help me out :confused:

looks like the ublox module takes a while to receive satellite data. I have experienced time ranges from 5mins to over 60mins before satellite was received. Time seems to come in earlier than long and lat.


My Grove GPS was faulty, I got it replaced and the new one works fine.
I am VERY pleased by the customer support at SeeedStudio and where I bought the module from.

With this Ublox module I noticed times from4-5 mins to 15min, but I tried it only few times at the same place, outside my window.