Grove GPS Not Working with Arduino Yun


I have been trying to get my Grove GPS working on an Arduino Yun. I am using the Grove GPS on D2 on a Grove Base Shield V2 (switch at 5v). I am not getting any information back from unit on the Yun.

I thought perhaps I had damaged the Grove GPS unit, so I took the entire Grove Base Shield and Plugged it into a Uno, rebuilt the sketch for the Uno, and uploaded it… and it worked perfectly (just as it had on a Seeeduino Stalker previously).

So, this leads me to believe that the Grove GPS is not compatible with the Yun. Is this the case, or should I be moving it to a different Digitial I/O port (instead of D2)? Thanks.


For Arduino Yun (or Leonardo), the Software Serial library has some limitation due to the MCU:

Please read here:

Please use the above pins for RX & TX.

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Thanks, I was hoping it was something like that. So, excuse my ignorance, but would that mean for a Grove Base Shield v2 that I would plug the Grove GPS into D8 and then change the sketch to use Rx = 8 and Tx = 9 ?

Thanks again.

I received my Grove Base Shield v2 and I have tried plugging the Grove GPS into D8 and changing the sketch to Rx = 8 and Tx = 9

However, I am still not getting any GPS coordinates back from the Grove GPS on the Yun. I will try with jumper wires again… but if you could let me know a workaround for Grove, that would be great. Thanks.

Scratch That. It works :smiley:

It just didn’t seem to like the more more verbose examples from TinyGPS++

To test it with Yun and a Grove Base Shield version 2, use the TinyGPS++ example ‘DeviceExample’, plug the grove GPS into D8. Change the RXPin = 8 and TXPin = 9 in the sketch. Make sure your bauds are 9600, and away you go.

I would have uploaded my sketch but the forum isn’t allowing me to upload a file with a .ino extenstion :frowning:

Anyway, all good now, :slight_smile: … just need to figure out why the ‘FullExample’ sketch wasn’t working … or not, I just need the coords anyway.