Grove gps 1.2 with SIM28 enable 10hz, 115200 baud

How do you enable 10hz and 115200 baud on the gps using the Arduino? I cant get it to communicate faster than 9600.

Hello, have you tried changing SoftSerial.begin(9600) and Serial.begin(9600) in your code?

Yep. If I switch to anything over 9600, it doesn’t work, no communication.

You change the baud rate of your code,and the baud rate of your serial monitor also needs to be modified accordingly

I’m aware. That’s been done already.

You can try to write a simple code to test whether your board UART can send and receive properly

It works at 9600. Need it at a faster baud rate and refresh rate.

Which MCU are you using? I might be able to try to verify and solve

Arduino Mega… appreciate it


Nobody has ever enabled 10hz on this Air530? It is horrendously slow at 1hz.