Grove - Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor - Failed to get readings

Hi, I am working on this sensor with arduino uno r3 but unfortunately I could not get the heart rate readings. I have choose the correct port and included necessary libraries.
The serial monitor just showed nothing :frowning:

basically, i follow the tutorial from Instead of using maker uno, i utilise the arduino uno r3 but i failed to get the reading. Anyone can help with this? I will appreciate it and thank you.

There seems to be no problem with the code. Is the wiring correct?

I saw that your code selected the SDA and SCL pins of i2c, but you actually connected them but not the two pins.

Hi, I have changed it. Thanks for the help. BTW is it possible to use nodemcu as replacement for arduino uno? Are there any sample code for that to let me test on? Thanks :blush:

I am planning to use a logic converter to do so as the sensor would be 5v and nodemcu esp 32 is 3.3v. Link to the Logic Converter Iā€™m gonna use

Any help will be appreciated.