Grove enclosures


I’m a big fan of Grove and now you introduced Grove Mixr but it makes me wondering. Why didn’t you create the same nice enclosures for Grove modules first?

There is no good enclosure system for Grove modules. Instead you created another product line, kind of disappointing.


Hi, thanks for your favorite to our Grove modules, it’s a big honor for us.

Grove is a large product line, and we add more and more products in their family, and we have made some kits for Grove. Just like, Grove - Starter Kit,Grove - ADK Dash Kit. And Grove - Mixer Pack also is a kit of Grove, but not a new product line.

I guess that you want our older grove products to wear beautiful shell so that it can look like more nice, and use them to make a more interesting kit, just like Grove - Mixer Pack?

It’s good, we will try it. And maybe you or anyone has good ideas about what a type of the new kit , what is the shell? We appreciate every comment.

Best Regards