Grove EC Sensor on Raspberry Pi 4

Hi all,

Has anyone got the python code to integrate the Grove Electrical Conductivity (EC) Sensor into the Raspberry Pi?

The details suggest that the sensor can be integrated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @crazyalienboy
We don’t have python code to integrate the Grove conductivity Sensor into the Raspberry Pi at present.
But we will release it soon.


I was wondering what the status on this is?

The wiki page shows raspberry pi is supported but looking through the github python library I can’t find anything for the EC sensor.

Thank you,

…and? Where is the support for Raspberry Pi as your wiki states it is supported?

I have purchased both the PH and EC sensor’s based on your Wiki Page stating it is supported…

So… whats the update?
or can i get a refund for misleading advertising?