Grove Doppler radar trigger threshold

What does “radar trigger threshold” mean?
In the Grove_DopplerRadar(BGT24LTR11)Radar module communication protocol v1.1 document, it states that you can “Set radar trigger threshold” using the 0xC7 Instruction code.
The default value is 1024.

But I have no idea what it is or what it does. Is it a threshold for distance?

Hello, as you can see, this Doppler radar product is able to detect the movement of objects. This threshold can be used to set the “how much movement amplitude to classify it as a moving object”. For example, curtains move when the wind blows, but sometimes we don’t want to classify it as a “moving object”, then we can adjust this threshold. The greater the threshold adjustment, the lower the sensitivity of the radar, and the smaller the threshold adjustment, the higher the sensitivity will be. This is an explanation that is as simple and understandable as possible, not professional.