Grove - Digital Light Sensor

I got strange readings when I use your sketch (Digital Light Sensor Demo V1.0) with SKU:SEN10171P. The readings are between 50,000 to 60,000. I don’t know what units you are using, perhaps Lux but when i used sketch and libraries from Adafruits the reading are reasonable, but not accurate. The readings are between 180 and 220 lux. When I refer to Luxmeter (Meterman LM631) the readings are about 411 lux. So which one is giving the most reliable reading?

The value Digital Light Sensor outputs is a LUX value. In the its wiki wibsite, there has said :it has a wide dynamic range: 0.1 - 40,000 LUX. But your reading are between 50,000 to 60,000. So your reading value is wrong.

I advise you to check your software whether is consistent with the library.

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I already use the library recommended by your company, as of 14 January 2013, at 01:14 which was displayed on the wiki page for Grove - Digital Light Sensor

I can also confirm that there’s something wrong with the sample code on the wiki page. I have an other TSL2561 based sensor which shows completly different output - more realistic. (I couldn’t compare the raw values yet, maybe it’s just something with the lux calculation?).

Dear mr. tamas.majoros, it seems that you have tested another sensor and it seems to work, please can you recomended the product. Thank you