Grove Connections and Sample Code

I’m trying to get a grove dust sensor working with the linkit, but there’s no information anywhere on pin assignment or coding for the grove connectors on the board. I’ve managed to find the sample code on GitHub, but all the files are empty.

Does anyone have any information at all on grove connector pin assignment / sample code / anything at all?


You can get the code here:

It can run with LinkIt ONE perfectly.

Thanks, and I’m sure it does run with the linkit perfectly - I’ve seen you’re compatibility sheet.

That doesn’t answer my question, though. I want to plug the dust sensor into the grove connector on the Linkit, so I need to know two things:

  1. Which grove connector on the Linkit will support the dust sensor.
  2. What are the pin numbers for the grove connectors on the Linkit. I really need to know this for the code to work.

I can see from the pinout diagram for the Linkit that one of the connectors is SDA/SCL and the other is TX/RX, but I can’t tell if that means if the grove connector pins are cross-connected to the other pins on the board labeled SDA/SCL or TX/RX, or if they’re independent. I also can’t tell if either grove connector will support the dust sensor, or if it needs to be plugged into a specific connector.

Hi, Sorry for the delay reply, I just notice your replay.
You can insert it to all the Digital Port, D0~D13 is ok.