Grove chainable rgb led and bash shell

Trying to understand how to access Grove from my BeagleBone Green. I found this shell script for the LCD RGB backlight which looks exciting: … ght/

But I don’t have the LCD RGB backlight to test. What I do have is the Grove Starter Kit for BBG. So I thought I’d try something simple, like the Chainable RGB LED sku #104030006.

Can someone please point me in the right direction towards understanding how to “talk” to Grove devices?


Please find the documentation about grove sensors with BBG in the following wiki page.

Thanks and regards

Thanks. Yes, I’ve seen that page. But I still don’t see how this helps.

Is there a way, for example, for me to control the chainable RGB LED using the /usr/sbin/i2cset command, like the bash script I linked to in my question?

If someone could provide 1 or 2 i2cset commands that I could start playing with, I’d really appreciate it. Trying to figure it out without a working example is proving to be quite difficult.

Please find the libraries for the starter kit in the following githublink with examples.


I’ve seen the samples. But either I cannot get them working, or I don’t fully understand the python code. That is why I was asking for a quick example using the /usr/sbin/i2cset command and one of the Groves from the BBG Grove Starter Kit. Can you help with this?