Grove Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor


I connected Grove “Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor” to A0 port of “Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi with a Fan”. Then installed “” from at master · Seeed-Studio/ · GitHub

It seems its working. However, It seems I need calibration since it doesn’t show 0 or lower value when its outside soil. Does it work properly with “”? Do I need to tune the code?

Hello, the Grove moisture sensor can be used without calibration. As for why there are values outside the soil, it is because its essence is to measure the moisture content of the soil to change the resistance of the resistance. There is also moisture in the air, so it is normal to have values. When you use this sensor, you can control it according to the specific value of the soil.

I will also be using this sensor and reading the above I have a similar question…what are the range of values coming back from the sensor in real life say air to a glass of water?